Woodbridge public art

Woodbridge School

Public art project

This was a public art project created for Woodbridge Primary School. Working with lightweight concrete building product Hebel, I designed a range of shapes that would fix onto existing brick walls. The artwork was designed to celebrate the student’s sense of difference and pride. Also the difference of their unique surroundings and their strong relationship to the sea. I conducted some interviews with the students of Woodbridge to help me with my content for this artwork. Day to day ideas such as catching the bus or ferry to school, having a horse, fishing, going on holidays or having a regular Sunday night chicken roast at home were used in the artwork. These stories were painted in a narrative storytelling style and finished with thick black outlines.

I hope to evoke imagination, questioning and learning. 

Photos: Peter Whyte Photography

Woodbridge flounder 4Woodbridge chook

Woodbridge bluebird 2Woodbridge chook 1Woodbridge cloud 1Woodbridge bluebird 2Woodbridge cloud 1