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There are twelve Child and Family Learning Centres (CFLC's) dotted around Tasmania. They provide the parents and carers of children aged birth to 5 a rich resource of knowledge, connection with other families and advice from childhood specialists. Traditionally, these centres were where you weighed your baby, and went to 'Mother's Group'. Now, they have been expanded to include many extra services, including teaching play skills to both adults and children, an integrated care approach and connection to health services, and lots of learning opportunities (especially nature-based play). This logo and suite of illustrations are utilised in brochures, centre signage, banners, online videos and stationary. It needed to reflect the new wholistic education focussed approach and take on a brave, fresh identity. A range of stylised owls were drawn using iPad (Fresco program), then integrated into print, signage and online designs. They represented all genders, ages and activities of the rebranded and new buildings across Tasmania. This will be a multi-year rollout of brand, with an extensive style guide developed to future-proof the brand and assets.

Department of Education required the existing Child and Family Centres logo to be redesigned, and requested adventurous branding that would match their innovative newly built Centres. The brand also needed to reflect the broader offering, and added the word 'learning' into the logo wording. Plus, instead of just being a place that people would traditionally go to weigh their baby and attend a Mother's Group, the new Child and Family Learning Centres (CFLC's) have evolved into rich resources of knowledge, connection and learning for all generations and care givers. Nature-based play, access to a wide range of support services and lots of opportunities to play with your child (birth to 5 years old) are now on offer and embraced by the communities surrounding Tasmania's twelve CFLC's. This logo redesign and the range of illustrative owls have been incorporated into signage, stationary, online resources and wayfinding has also been embraced by staff and families alike.

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