Pathway Planning - yr11 folder

Pathway Planning Year 11

Collaged, collected, sourced and gleamed

Creating the identity for the Department of Education's Pathway Planning program for year 11 students included consultation with the students. They were guided on what and how to supply the drawings that were used in the publication. Smashed together with a range of retro images and hand drawn elements, this appealed to the target market and was extensively utilised. The program helped students to prepare for employment, and also provided a resource of information regarding identity, relationships, resilience, responsibility and wellbeing.

The resource was over 250 pages in length and also involved sourcing young local street artists, printing up old woodblock letters to use in the designs and sourcing a massive amount of free and cheap stock imagery.

 Pathway Planning - yr11 logosPathway Planning - yr11 cover

Pathway Planning - yr11 computerPathway Planning - yr11 relationships coverpagePathway Planning - yr11 cosplay