Music Notes

Music Notes

Giant handwritten artwork

Artwork created for 2017’s BackBurner exhibition, held in February at Moonah Arts Centre.

This is a timeline of my life, expressed through songs I’ve listened to and loved. Each song or album holds a memory of what I was doing where I was living, who I was with. It’s a playlist that someone can play for me, much later on, in a nursing home! Feel free to explore my collection, look up some songs to listen to, laugh with me at my embarrassing ones. I loved creating this piece and the process of recording (and replaying) my personal music story. How many of these songs would make it onto your life’s playlist?

Each framed piece measures 880mm high x 1230mm wide

Notes 1 4sqNotes 2 4sqNotes 3 4sqNotes 4 4sq


Notes 2 2sqNotes 1 2sqNotes 1 1sqNotes 3 2sqNotes 2 1sq