Festival of Voices cover

Festival of Voices 2018

Unique and bright

The 2018 Festival of Voices design features a songbird with vibrant painted textures of orange and blue. The Festival brings brightness and joy into the dark Hobart winter. Cathy McAuliffe Design created all campaign items for the 2018 event, including press, posters, signage, banners, badges, social media items, a 64 page program, website design including slider promotional images and event 'tiles', mini programs and direct mail.

Festival of Voices webFestival of Voices Torch layoutFestival of Voices Choral layoutFestival of Voices Voicebox layout Festival of Voices tiles

Festival of Voices Coastal identityFestival of Voices Poster design

Festival of Voices The Nest

Festival of Voices Sliders for WebsiteFestival of Voices BannerFestival of Voices Badges