Discovering Hobart - cover

Discovering Hobart

A street by street photographic guide

This beautiful coffee table book is over 190 pages long and features each street in Hobart with historic buildings hand-picked by author Warren Glover. The photos, shot by Paul County, show Hobart's most interesting and significant buildings, inviting the reader to walk from place to place, stopping to 'look up'. I was asked to work with Warren's words and Paul's photos, providing extra maps and spot illustrations, resulting a number 1 bestseller at Fullers Bookshop and a Statewide top ten bestseller.

 Discovering Hobart - main mapDiscovering Hobart - introDiscovering Hobart - line drawingsDiscovering Hobart - street maps 1Discovering Hobart - street maps 2Discovering Hobart - street focusDiscovering Hobart - inside cover

Discovering Hobart - old mapDiscovering Hobart - Battery PointDiscovering Hobart - Savings BankDiscovering Hobart - meterDiscovering Hobart - South Hobart